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Art can only be submitted from a mobile device because we use the GPS-position of you phone to locate and place the art in the gallery.​

The art in KONSTHALL: TEATER is user generated ready-made art. So we rely on you to provide art and expand the gallery.


All you need is yourself and your mobile phone. Walk around in any public spaces and look around. Find something that interest you. It could be something that is beautiful, something that makes you start to think or ask questions or something that is absent. When you’ve found an object, stop where you are and take a picture. Stay on the spot and submit the art. 


1. Before you submit an artwork: Make sure you have location-sharing enabled on your web browser on your phone. 

2. Press the button SUBMIT ART. From there you will access a form with the following questions:


TITLE OF PIECE - Name your artwork

MATERIALS USED - What kind of material is the artwork made of? Exemple: Stone, concrete, shadow, time etc.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK - Optional. If the work needs additional description or instructions, you can write it here. 

ARTIST - Write your name or write “Anonymous” 


3. Now it’s time to upload a picture of your artwork. Press Add file. You now have the option to either choose a picture from your gallery (a photo you have already taken) or take a new one. 


4. You need to stay on the same stop where your artwork is located when you upload the picture and the information in the form. We will use the GPS-coordinates from where you are when you submit your artwork. 


​5. Push Send.


6. You will get a question about sharing your GPS-coordinates. Press the link and press allow when the phone asks you if you want to share your location. You will now see the message GeoCode Entered, this means that your work is submitted. 


7. Thank you for your contribution!


The art piece need to be in a public space where everybody has access. You can’t add anything. You are not allowed to submit art that has copyright, like a statue or mural painting.

We go through all contribution and we reserve the right to remove all inappropriate material. 

If you do not allow us to see the site specification in the picture or via GPS, we will not be able to post your contribution. 


Things that already excist or is already made, that in a new context becomes art. You decide which objects that will become art.  

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