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KONSTHALL: TEATER is the world's largest art gallery with an area of ​​510.1 billion m2. The art gallery has its epicenter in the historical district Gamlestaden located in Gothenburg, Sweden, but has the whole world as its gallery. The art in KONSTHALL: TEATER is user generated readymade art. So we rely on you to provide art and expand the gallery.

KONSTHALL: TEATER is an art gallery for everyone! Wherever you are in the world, you can both visit and look at the art collection or create art yourself. 



Skylt Teater i Gamlestaden

In Gamlestaden, Gothenburg - the epicenter of the worlds greatest art gallery - you find a huge sign that spells TEATER. It is a symbol of the art we need in life, of the world as a stage, but also a comment to the modern cities that fails to plan for room for art when they are developed. Even when it is pointed out from start: a city is nothing without art, we repetedly see how spaces, low rents and other facilities needed for the purpose is forgotten in reality. The four meter wide sign is placed on top of the roof of a building that will be demolished. In contradiction of what seems to be: a theatre in sight, these capital letters might light a spark and let the lights light the way.


Discover your local area in a new way or get to know a new place in the world with the help of art.


The idea of ​​KONSTHALL: TEATER is that it is everywhere all the time. You decide when you want to visit it, where you want to visit it and how you want to get around between the works of art.


Visit the art gallery at the place you are and use the digital gallery to find the collection. You can choose to walk around outdoors and see the artworks live or visit the art gallery from home digitally.


You are now ready to start your visit to the art gallery! In the gallery's map, you get a quick overview of the artworks in your area. Click on the pins on the map for photos and information about the art. When you move around physically in the art gallery you can see where you are by using site specifications on your phone.


Are there no works of art where you are? Upload your own art piece. Read about how to do this on SUBMIT ART. Feel free to invite others to do the same. Together we create the world's largest art gallery.


Feel free to visit our café, have something good to eat or drink during your visit. You will find your nearest café where you are. When you step into the café, it becomes the art gallery's café.


Prices and supply may vary.


In our worldwide shop you can buy a memory from KONSTHALL: TEATER. You can find your nearest store where you are. When you step into the shop, it becomes the art gallery's shop. Support local artists and stores.


Prices and supply may vary.


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